In December 2015 MerseyAid sent 3 pallets of aid to Tilos in Greece.  Aid included food, clothes, shoes, toiletries, blankets etc.

The aid was sent to an amazing team who work around the clock to support the refugees who land on their Island.  

Meet the Tilos team:-
We are a small group of volunteers in Tilos in complete solidarity with the refugees. Tilos is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese with a maximum population of around 600. Since July 2014 until now we have received in excess of 5.500 refugees.

One year ago, the municipality of Tilos made an application to the Greek government for the making of a reception centre for the refugees. That application was approved and a resident of Tilos donated the land on which this could be built. But still nothing has happened.

Until recently the refugees arriving on Tilos have been housed in a monastery. Because this monastery is no longer available to us, and because sleeping in the streets is not an acceptable solution for anyone, the municipality of Tilos opened a very old army camp to give them a place to stay. But the municipality has received absolutely no financial help from the government.

The camp is in a terrible condition. The buildings are very old and full of holes. There are no beds and no tents. The mayor, the deputy mayor, the municipal council, and the employees of the municipality support and help in every possible way, but without financial help the situation is indescribable.

The refugees currently sleep on the ground with only thin mats between them and the stones, although we do have a few old sun beds for the children and the elderly to sleep on. There are not sufficient sleeping bags for everyone and every morning the refugees complain of insect bites and mice.

Aid ready to go:

Pallets to Tilos.........


Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

The  pallets have arrived!