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Merseyaid support

If you are hosting an event, please ensure you alert MerseyAid so we can help you advertise on our facebook, twitter, website etc.  Please note that due to the wide range of people in our groups some events may well require more "subtle" advertising than others through our media.  Please consider this when designing posters etc if you wish us to advertise the event.

Unless the event is endorsed by MerseyAid, arranged under our insurance and approved by the MerseyAid team please do not use wording such as:

"MerseyAid Presents"



If you would like to use any MerseyAid posters please use the link below.  Please do not amend any posters or use for non MerseyAid events or collections.

mersey mornings...

Mersey Mornings a chance for you and old friends and new to catch up over a cuppa, enjoy some gorgeous treats whilst raising money!  The money you raise at your Mersey Morning event will help us send aid to refugees or the homeless.

The great thing is your Mersey Morning event can be held anytime, anywhere, with a little planning and alot of fun your event will be a huge success.  To help you get started we have created a free Mersey Morning Kit, filled with everything you will need to host an amazing event for you to down load.