On Saturday 24th September Jeremy Cobryn was confirmed as the lead of the Labour Party, in the Labour party conference in Liverpool.  Our very own Genna Rourke was a guest speaker at one of the events at the Black-E.

This was her speech

"In 12 months my lives have changed so much. I used to wake up. Goto work or enjoy the weekends care free and relaxed. Now I wake on Saturday mornings to news like this and my heart sinks a little further, and the MerseyAid momentum steps up pace again.

The ceasefire has broken Assad and Russian jets have launched more than 150 air strikes on eastern Aleppo in the last 24 hours, killing at least 90 people in the northern city and its countryside, The latest raids on Friday, part of a new Assad offensive to recapture parts of Aleppo, destroyed emergency service structures, as well as underground shelters used by civilians to hide from bombings.

At least 30 neighbourhoods were targeted. The relentless bombardment is hampering the ability of rescue workers to help civilians caught up in the fighting. Three centres for a volunteer rescue group known as the "White Helmets" were also hit in the raid. 2 of the 4 white helmets units is out of action and bombing is continuos.

People are fleeing Syria in the millions, And the refugee camps are in desperate need of more aid, over 175 thousand people had fled Syria by sea. Almost half of them children...14% unaccompanied!!

5000 people have died at sea so far trying to escape the atrocities in their countries this year. And it's not just Syria they flee - Afghan, Iran, Africa, Eritrea just a few countries where people don't have the freedom to live the life's we take for granted. Child trafficking is now on the increase as children are going missing from inadequate camps. There are increased reports of people being killed for organs, prostitution and disease being spread

Closer to home in Calais - the latest census in jungle shows 10,000 residents with 1000 being unaccompanied minors living in make shift shelters they have worked hard to call a home, communities have been created with churches, shops, bars and hairdressers. The jungle is full of professionals who like us a few short months ago had living standards similar to ours and are now living in a disused rubbish tip queuing for hours for a 5 minute shower.

....and news has come this morning to confirm the Calais jungle will be closed displacing 8000 people in the next 2-3 weeks. There is commitment from the French government to house these people but where we don't know!

I could stand here now and bore you with why MerseyAid started and all that jazz but it's irrelevant the important thing is we are here, and we need help. Your help

Charles dickens once said

"No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden on others"

MerseyAid is committed to lightening the burden on our refugee cousins across the globe. MerseyAid is a 24 hours 7 days a week movement with a goal to source and post aid and funding as fast as possible to where it is needed most. As well as operating independently with our own goals MerseyAid works closely with other grassroutes groups across the UK, Europe and a far providing solidarity and a more coordinated approach to aid distribution and collection.

Over the past year MerseyAid has sent

  • Containers of Aid to Calais/Greece Lebanon /Syria
  • Lifesaving equipment for boats to Greece
  • Volunteers to Greece and Calais 
  • Food and toiletries to local food banks and groups including White Chapel Center, MRANG, Response, Women's Refuge, Church Groups - we like to ensure we give back to the local community.
  • Supporting refugees with friendship and acceptance on their arrival in the UK
  • Supporting Refugees in U.K. By working closely with local councils and landlords - providing aid to back up what local government provides, including clothes and toiletries, household goods and electrical items

My proudest moment this year was sending over £10000 worth of medical aid to Syria, Direct into conflict.

we mobilised the project and had the funds raised and the ambulance there within 2 months. Watching the keys getting handed to the paramedic, knowing that what we had done would literally change lives was a top moment for me in 2016.

Will you help lighten the burden on others and support merseyaid in our mission?

We are in need of donations of aid from camping equipment, clothes, food etc. Monetary donations, fund raising and events to raise awareness - please keep an eye out for our up coming events, support for refugees arriving in U.K, volunteers to help us sort and pack in huyton or Wallasey

There are many ways people can help us. Please check our Facebook page or website for info

we are working to help innocent victims of war. It's an amazing movement to be part of and we guarantee you will learn so much and do so much good. Please come and join us. We need more hands hearts and brains.

Our time is limited here today but if you'd like to help or have any further suggestions or comments please email me".


Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

Labour party conference....