The situation on the Greek Islands is not good, refugees arrive on a daily basis on small boats, often many do not make it of the boat alive.  The Greeks are helping support the refugees as best they can but require support from volunteers.

Jim from our team has gone over to Samos, follow his story here.

Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

Get him to the Greeks....

Jims Updates;-

Half way through day 1. Hot during the day. Surprising the number of British helping. Crowd control is a small issue. - the police had riot shields out. One leant on his shield as he played games with the kids. Food service went well - even though there wasn't enough. Lots of smiling laughing children - and hungry. Big queue for ferry tickets at the moment but there are still questions about whether it will come tomorrow.

Second part of day 1 in samos. Tea distribution tonight with 5kg of sugar in 700 cups.
Then distribution of all the blankets - about 150 went without.
Met a doctor from the Red crescent. He is escaping with his family. From helper to needing help. Sad eyes.

Day 2 breakfast for kids served. One girl looked in the bag and started laughing with excitement.
Things are changing rapidly here. Might be a ferry tonight.

Day 2 early evening. We hear three ferries will arrive tonight. That could mean up to 5000 leaving the island and supplies arriving. Some have been here for more than a week. Really concerned about the cold weather further north. Distribution is still a problem. It would be good to empty the store of warm clothes. 
Yesterday ended at 2 or 3 in the morning for some volunteers and began again at 8. Tonight might end at 6 am because of the ferry times. Can somebody send a packet of sleep?