Merseyaid support

If you are hosting an event, please ensure you alert MerseyAid so we can help you advertise on our facebook, twitter, website etc.  Please note that due to the wide range of people in our groups some events may well require more "subtle" advertising than others through our media.  Please consider this when designing posters etc if you wish us to advertise the event.

Unless the event is endorsed by MerseyAid, arranged under our insurance and approved by the MerseyAid team please do not use wording such as (but not limited to):

"MerseyAid Presents" or "MerseyAid Introduces"

Follow the professional advice of equipment manufacturers and staff supervising any facilities. Events need to be adequately risk-assessed to find, reduce and control the risk to all those taking part and members of the public who may be attending.

MerseyAid cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by yourself or anyone else as a result of taking part in a fundraising event organised in aid of MerseyAid.

Some useful information on organising your own event can be found at the Institute of Fundraising.

Help for how to complete a risk assessment can be found at the Health and Safety Executive.

Here's a handy template to get you started:


​​Keep your event Legal and safe!


If you would like to use any MerseyAid posters please use the link below.  Please do not amend any posters or use for non MerseyAid events or collections.



Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

fundraising for us...

All information electronic or paper about the people involved in your event will need to comply with Data Protection Act.  Do not keeo information for longer than you have to, and dispose of it in a professional manner - shredding.  Do not share any information without prior permission.

Further information can be found at the Information Commissioner's Office.

Lets make sure your event is an amazing success. As with all things in life their is a small amount of red tape to consider.  Please read the below and ensure you have all your boxes ticked before your big event.

There are strict legal requirements about copyright posters, pictures use.  Please do not use any images which have copyright for your events.  If you need any help with developing professional posters please contact us.

Food hygiene

Alcohol and public entertainment license

There are strict legal requirements about the organisation of raffles, lotteries and prize draws.  More information about these rules can be found at the Gambling Commission.

Health and safety and risk assessment

Some events which involve the sale of alcohol, have live or recorded music, sporting events, dancing, showing films, plays etc may require a license.  Please speak to your local authority and the police before arranging an event and please check before any collection that you have the right permissions and insurances in place. 

Data protection

There are two types of collections public and private.  Private collections take place within private premises and therefore you do not need the permission of the local authority, however you do need the permission of the venue owner.

Public collections take place in a public premises or spaces and are subject to strict legal requirements and will require a license from the Local Authority. Popular premises for collections, such as supermarkets, train stations, etc. may require you to arrange public liability insurance, please check before any collection that you have the right permissions and insurances in place.

Raffles, lotteries and prize draws

If you are organising your own fundraising event in aid of MerseyAid, you are responsible  for ensuring all steps have been taken to ensure the event poses no risk to anyone.  Always check that any buildings or equipment which you use/hire has insurance. 

To protect you from claims from third parties you may need to arrange public liability insurance to protect you from negligence claims.  In public or hazardous events public liability insurance may be needed. Public liability insurance may not be needed for private events. Please seek advice from insurance brokers before holding your event if you are unsure.

If you are to serve food at your event, food hygiene is important.  Please take every care when handling food and drinks.  Please ensure if it prepared, stored and displayed safely. 

The Food Standards Agency booklet 'Preventing Food Poisoning - Good hygiene at home' can be downloaded from the Food Standards Agency.

Further information can be found on the NHS Choices website and from your local authority.