Syrian Container....

Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

In January 2016 MerseyAid sent a container to Syria.  a 40ft container.  16m x 2.5m x 2.5m of aid collected, packed and sent to Syria with the support of One Nation and PeopletoPeopleSolidaritySouthernSEEurope.

This container took weeks of organisation and packing and could not have been done without the amazing people of Merseyside who worked day and night to ensure everything was packed to perfection and ready for the big day.

Genna said:-

The run up to the container was so stressful, not only did we need toget al the items packed, sorted and labelled inline with our strict packing rules we also had to work with the Roberts team on warehouse access and what they needed...which changed daily due to their drivers and weather delays.  The night befoe I think I got 2 hours sleep.....worrying about how the HGV would pull in and where to locate the Aid...back or front of the warehouse.  When I seen Nadine at 5am at the warehouse she said the same.  The day of packing the container was amazing, although I felt a little like a "bossy boots", but we only had a short period of time and I none of us had done this before so we just needed to keep motivated and working to ensure we got it done in time...which we did!

A massive thanks to everyone for helping to get everything ready and onto the container.

Video of the day: