Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

In November 2016  MerseyAid in conjunction with CWUHA sent a container to Syria.  We must also mention the hard work by UAREUK and Pobl y Bobl who also contributed to the contents of the container.  A 40ft container (16m x 2.5m x 2.5m) full of aid was collected, packed and sent to Syria with the support of Muslims in Need and PeopletoPeopleSolidaritySouthernSEEurope.

This container took weeks of organisation and packing and could not have been done without the amazing people of Merseyside who worked day and night to ensure everything was packed to perfection and ready for the big day. One of the requests from the organisers this time was to pack individual clothing packs. This meant micro sorting clothing into gender and age, for example a boy aged 9 would receive a top, jumper, trousers, underwear, gloves, scarf and hat. Obviously, this made organising this container very time consuming, however, will have made distribution of clothing packs in Syria so much easier.  Thousands of these packs for women, men, children and babies were sent.

The weeks leading up to the container leaving, MerseyAid ran a 'Teddy Appeal'.  We asked people to donate unwanted teddies and attach a note to each one. The Merseyside and wider community responded with enthusiasm.  Thousands of teddies were donated, many with handwritten notes from children. We even had hundreds of teddies sent from the Isle of Man!  Many parents said that it had been a great opportunity to teach their children about the issues affecting refugees, conflict and Syria.

The container was not only packed with clothing and teddies but bedding, toiletries and food (for details on food and toiletries see December container). This container will have saved lives this winter and so a big thankyou to all our volunteers and contributors.

Special thanks to -:

Mark Walker (logistics) A & J Food

Rob Lawson Wirral Gourmet

Wirral and Chester Tae Kwon Do


Syrian Container nov 2016....