Syrian Container DEC 2016....


Let’s put an end to suffering world-wide!

In December 2016 MerseyAid and CWUHA sent another container to Syria. Again UAREUK and Pobl y Bobl contributed to the contents of the container.  Another 40ft container (16m x 2.5m x 2.5m) of aid collected, packed and sent to Syria with the support of Muslims in Need and PeopletoPeopleSolidaritySouthernSEEurope.

On this container we sent a large number of sewing machines, fabrics and accessories.  These had been requested by volunteers working in the affected areas to enable women to be self sufficient.  In camps and more stable areas sewing machines can help particularly women to create items which they can then either use or sell. MerseyAid is committed to not just responding to crises situations but also sustainable aid that allows for long term development, hence the sewing machines were something we were eager to deliver.

Another difference to this container was the toiletry packs that were created by some very committed volunteers at MerseyAid.  Toiletry packs created for women, men, families and babies were put together and sealed in bags making them easy to distribute. For example, a woman's pack would include shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary towels. The packs would have been far easier to distribute at the point of need.  To those who contributed toiletries and especially to those who created them, thank you very much.

Alongside sewing machines and toiletry packs, we sent clothing packs and teddies (see November container for details), bedding and food.  In total we (committed charities from above) sent £10,000 worth of food.  This was enough to feed hundreds of families for a month.  Pallets of rice, lentils, split peas, sugar and oil are just some of the foods sent all of which will have helped to save lives this winter.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.